3 reasons why Portable Air Conditioners are a wise choice

So you know how the Central and the Ductless Air Conditioners work. They work by sucking the warm indoor air, cooling it and circulating it back towards the indoor. There are these Portable Air Conditioners that work quite similar to the two mentioned above. However, what makes these AC's different from them is their portability feature. While the central system cannot be taken from place to place and the ductless too needs some installation, the Portable Air Conditioner Units can be taken just anywhere. With either one or two ducts, these units can be connected to a hose or installed between a window like a Window Air Conditioner. Since they are portable, you only have to place them and not really install them, unlike other units. And when it comes to drainage, there are usually two ways; some units offer direct drainage while others do not need drainage at all and instead evaporate the moisture.
When everybody else is up to installing Central Air Conditioners or the latest models Mini Splits, is it even worth it to invest in portable Air Conditioners? The answer is yes, and there are reasons why;

1 Installation Ease 

Complex appliances require complex installation. And when the installation is complex, there's an additional expense of hiring a technician. Saving that money, the portable air conditioners are a drag and place units. No complexity involved. And these units can be good for people with low budgets, busy schedules and relatively moderate temperatures.

2. Easy to move 

The split AC systems are always appreciated for their ability to cool different places differently. However, the downside is that an installed split unit cannot offer to cool to a place where there is no unit installed. But here's where the portable unit comes in. Move it and move it anywhere. Being lightweight and easy to drag, you can run these units in any zone of your home.

3. Easy to accommodate 

For the accommodation issues, these units offer one of the best resolves. They can be installed in the window but if you love to free your window, there are other ways too. Install them at the side of the room or the middle of the room, they don't mind. Also, being small in size, it is easy to keep them without getting bothered by them.

What to consider when purchasing a portable Air Conditioner? 

When purchasing a portable Air Conditioner, consider the following;
- The unit should have the feature of automatic turn off. This will help save energy in the long run.
- If you know you will have to move the unit very frequently from one room to another, choose a unit with smooth wheels. This saves you from floor cracks if it is a wooden or tile floor
- If you strictly wish to avoid noise while sleeping, consider choosing a model with low DB value

Other than all the above-mentioned reasons, one reason why Portable is a good choice for many is that Portable Is Affordable.
But if you are some such homeowner who is looking to replace his unit in order to upgrade to whole home cooling, we are here to help. Call today 905-910-1488


Philanthropic initiatives by HVAC industry - Lennox and Philanthro

They say; ''When you die, you only have what you have given''. And Lennox understands it so well. Lennox has launched its 'Feel the Love'' program in partnership with North American dealers to help needy people enjoy the home comfort that the privileged enjoy. The program will provide home comfort heating appliances to needy people on defined criteria. At the moment, the program is for North America, however, Lennox hopes to expand it with more dealers in other service areas. 

How does it work? 

Lennox asks individuals and organisations in the defined areas to nominate people/families in their community who they think need help. In addition to the nominations made by the community people, the recipients are chosen on the basis of a number of criteria. These include mental or physical disability, military or community service, a job loss or others. On the final selection, the heating equipment is installed for free at the homes of the selected recipients at no cost. In October, the dealers donate their heating equipment for the Feel The Love program.

The retailing marketing director, Stephen Bond said that the program is about creating more harmony and connection among the people of the community in which Lennox serves. He also mentioned that Lennox is interested in expanding the program for even more families in the coming years.

Know more about Feel The Love program 

The program was started in 2009 as a pilot community initiative. Initially, it was started in four markets across North America while later in 2018, the program expanded in 5 provinces in Canada as well. 

Know Lennox 

Lennox has been offering world-class home comfort heating and cooling solutions to the homeowners of North and South America. This is also one of the oldest HVAC brands with around 150+ years of history while it has also won the Energy Star award for manufacturing and promoting energy-efficient appliances. 

Another Philanthropic initiative by HVAC industry 

Philanthro Air Filters is another initiative by the HVAC industry. Philanthro manufactures top quality air filters but there's something that is directly related to philanthropy when it comes to Philanthro Filters. Purchasing filters from any random manufacturer makes no big difference to the community and humanity at large. But, as you purchase an air filter from Philanthro, a portion of the purchase directly goes to the donation for improving the lives of the orphan children. So when you cool or warm the air of your home, the brightness in the life of an orphan automatically comes.

Your responsibility as a consumer 

As an HVAC consumer and living in a community where there is a dire need to raise awareness among people regarding caring and sharing, it is your responsibility to pick and choose those HVAC services that are focused not only on improving their businesses but also in improving the quality of the lives of those who are often left behind by the community. So this is your turn. Check out whether Feel The Love program has reached in your area and contribute your share by recommending those that deserve help. For the Philanthro Filters, you can always order them online.


Things you should know about Tank Water Heater Maintenance

You need to work on some of the instructions to keep the water heater work efficiently. Fortunately, problems associated with water heater are preventable with little to no effort. People often overlook the instructions or maintenance steps, which gradually impact the performance of the appliance and makes impossible for the water heater to operate with optimal efficiency.
Here are the basic principles that potentiate the performance of the apparatus and reduce the extent of water heater problems.

Deposit of calcium and other sediments:

Over time, the calcium ions will start accumulating in the bottom of a heater tank. Although this won’t impact the quality of water, it impedes the performance of the heater since it creates a hindrance between the water and elements of a water heater tank. Most homeowners won’t sense any change. If the problem is left unchecked for a long time, it not only makes your water heater less effective but also let the tank to rusk, which ultimately leads towards the replacement of the entire unit.
Preferably ask an expert or HVAC technician to flush the tank. You may find online tutorials to guide you through the process of flushing a water heater. There are online videos that demonstrate the process, which involves closing the power and inlet of your water heater and let the pressure and drain valve to run out water, leaving the water tank empty or dry.

Know the type of a heater

There are various types of heater tank available in the market. You must know the gallon size and age of tank to know the required precautions and instructions.

Leave space, around the tank

Most people install a water heater either in a basement or laundry. Both places are likely to have mess and clutter. The experts say, “one should leave enough space around the tank preferably 1.5 to 2 feet clearance around the tank.

Replacement of anode rod:

In every water heater, there is one removable anode, which is made up of zinc or aluminium. The anode disintegrates over time. If the anode remains in a tank, it lets the water to crude the anode not a tank, but once it reduces to one or one and a half inches in diameter, you must replace it. To do it, one needs to have experience, or the issue can be resolved by an HVAC technician.

Inspect the Pressure release valve

There are safety devices attached to every water heater known as pressure temperature release valve. These valves are designed to inspect the pressure and release the temperature and pressure automatically, whenever it requires. The proper working of a temperature and pressure release valve is essential. One must check the temperature pressure valve over time. As over-pressured heat is a threat to explode the appliance – a risk that no homeowner would like to take.

Reduce the temperature of the tank

You should keep the temperature of the water heater lower to minimize the chances of scalding and energy consumption. Moreover, the reduced temperature won’t let the system to wear down soon. Since you will be dealing with hot water, therefore, it’s good to put the gloves on or consult a technician for more satisfactory services.