If you're like most homeowners, you probably don’t understand the inner functionality of the HVAC system. All you are concern about is that it continues to produce best performance year round to keep your home cold during summer and warm in the freezing winters.

However, it’s worrisome when there is a sudden decline in the HVAC unit efficiency as it does not produce enough airflow. It may point towards a faulty fan motor. If you are mechanically inclined and want to learn the basics about how HVAC unit functions and what is the major distinction between a blower motor and condenser fan motor, then keep reading!

What is a condenser fan motor?

There are typically two motors in an Air Conditioner: blower motor and condenser fan motor. The latter is the part of condensing unit of an HVAC system and plays an essential role in the sustenance of cooling process in air conditioner. Since condenser fan motor is located outdoors, it cools air by drawing air in from the atmosphere and expelling heat to the outdoor. Also, it improves the life of equipment and reduces energy consumption.

What are signs of a bad condenser fan motor?

Over time a condenser motor develops dirt, debris that leads towards stuffier environment and more deficient airflow. Since condenser motor is located outside, you can visually inspect any signs of abnormality. Consider calling an HVAC technician if you notice the following symptoms.

- The condenser fan motor is emitting burning smells

If you sense any electrical burning smell or fan belt is constantly overheating. It may mean the condenser unit is about to break down. You must shut the HVAC equipment immediately and contact an HVAC technician.

- Condenser failure

The condenser motor has a crucial role in not letting the condenser unit overheat. If you sense the condensing unit is malfunction or overheating, you should contact an HVAC company.

- Buzzing or rattling noise

It is normal for a condenser motor to make a noise when it’s running. However, if you hear unusual kind of sound like buzzing or rattling, it may be a sign that any part of the unit is either misaligned or damaged. There could only be debris or an object in the unit that can be conveniently removed only if you have undergone a professional HVAC training. Call a professional instead.

What is a blower motor?

There are two types of blower motor: single-speed and variable speed blower motor. A single-speed operates at a fixed speed whereas the variable speed motor changes the speed to produce different level of airflows.

A right functioning blower motor is responsible to deliver best air circulation to improve air quality so that homeowners can enjoy even, healthier and cleaner air.

What are signs of a bad blower motor?

You should be able to understand the signs of a faulty blower motor early in order to avoid expensive repairs in future. Some of the most common issues include:

- Weak airflow

If air coming from vents is weak; it is an indication that the fan motor is problematic. There can be other reasons for the inadequate airflow such as dirty filters or leaky ducts.

- Intermittent shutting down

The HVAC system works fine but suddenly shuts down intermittently. It can mean that the blower motor is overheating.

- Unusual sounds

If the blower motor emits odd or strange noises, it indicates that the blower motor is being powered but the fan is not correctly working. Consider changing capacitor or motor shaft or call a technician for the better assistance.

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