Here's why you need your Fan to assist you in Summers

So what do you think the majority does and by the way what do you do in Summers when it gets overly hot? Turn the Air Conditioner ''ON'' and forget that there's a fan (stand alone or ceiling) too that can contribute to cooling the indoor air? Homeowners when they fail to keep themselves cool with the fan usually turn to Air Conditioner and rarely think of combining the operation of both the technologies assuming the Air Conditioner does not need a fan to add to its efficiency and turning it ''ON'' will only result in additional energy bills. Although the assumption is straightly wrong. But before we talk on that, let's take out some time to talk about why the word ON has been put in inverted commas? Was that intentional? O yes! By putting those inverted commas the intention was to take the kind attention of the readers towards another wrong HVAC practice. Quickly we're mentioning that. Why not kill two birds with one arrow? In one blog? ;)

The ''ON'' was referring to the most commonly chosen priority of homeowners while using Air Conditioners. A majority chooses to set the AC on ''ON'' instead of ''Auto''. What this does is that it continuously runs the blower and a large amount of electricity is wasted. Contrary to that, setting the Air Conditioner on ''Auto'' helps auto regulate the Air Conditioner and trips it when the desired temperature is reached. Electricity saved!


AC+Fan - Is it worth it?

Done with the ON-AUTO debate. Time to come to the main topic for today which is; Is combining the Fan and Air Conditioner operation an effective and economical methodology to keep indoor air cool? The answer is, Yes! And here are the reasons why you should keep the fan turned on when the Air Conditioner is working.

- Fan as a circulator

While the fan does not actually lower the indoor temperature, what it does is that it produces a cooling effect. This cooling effect compels you to change the Thermostat settings. This way, the Air Conditioner takes less energy to function and the fan suffices for the cooling. In addition to that, another benefit that the Fan+Air Conditioner combination has is; the fan helps spread the cool air throughout the room quickly making the temperature comfortable for you as soon as you turn the AC ''AUTO'' (O yes, AUTO not ON). Whether you're using a Split or a Duct Air Conditioner, the cool air coming from the Split or Duct ways swiftly and quickly get's circulated in the room. Proving an even temperature

- Fan as an Energy Saver

Just like we've discussed above, a fan helps provide a cooling effect that makes you feel cooler and thus you automatically change the Thermostat settings. The energy used by the Air Conditioner is far more than a ceiling or tower fan. Lowering the Thermostat and turning the fan ON helps save hundreds of dollars on energy bills annually.

- Fan as a healthy choice

Air Conditioning, with these intense hot weathers, has become a necessity for us, the people of the millennium. But did someone ever tell you that excess of everything is bad? And the excess of Air Conditioning could be severely bad if the refrigerated air is directly taken. As said, the Air Conditioning has become a necessity, the use cannot be completely shunned. However, there's a simple tip that can help reduce the severities. Using a ceiling fan can help save from taking the direct air conditioned air; by sitting in front of the split unit or in front of the supply vents.
Health specialists suggest people with eczema, bone and muscle aches to not come in contact with the conditioned air directly.        

There are convincing reasons to use Fan in combination with the Air Conditioner. Not only does this help save cooling cost but also helps cool the home quicker and reduce the health risks at the same time. Just a fan can do all those miracles. Wow!