The dryer vent is an item you really can’t afford to leave off your cleaning checklist; although it seems clean as you empty lint after each load of laundry. But the tiny bits of the dryer lint come through the lint trap and begin to build up inside a vent over time. Why does every homeowner should consider cleaning the tiny bits of lint matter? Our one word to this the question would be, Safety!

Lint is highly flammable and also reduces the air flow to the hot air vent and can cause the electronic appliance to work at a higher temperature and more likely to be a reason for a life-threatening fire
hazard. Luckily, dryer fires are preventable! Let’s dive in and answer to the questions that may have begun popping into your head.

Can I clean my dryer vent?

You can yet the cleaning of dryer can’t be satisfactory because you don’t possess that expertise and equipment for professional cleaning. An ordinary vacuum can’t reach far enough for thorough dryer cleaning. A technician, on the other hand, employs a truck-mounted vacuum system that is built to clean the ducts and dryer vents effectively and thoroughly.

What is the difference between the lint trap and dryer vent?

Yes, these two are different things and require different techniques for cleaning. The lint trap is the accessible tray that you see after every load of laundry while the dryer vent is behind the dryer, and is built to exhaust the heat outside of your home.

How often to have a dryer vent professionally cleaned?

The only way to ensure your dryer is safe from flammable lint is by a professional and thorough cleaning. It is recommendable to clean it once in a year. Lint building is annoying and expensive: Safety is the principal reason to have your dryer vent cleaned. But it’s not the only reason to be worried about as lint build-up also prove to be disturbing and costly for the homeowners.

A clean dryer vent reduces the wait time:

A clean dryer vent reduces the wait time to a significant extent. Lint matter that builds up in your vent dryer cause laundry to work slowly and become time-consuming. Having a dryer vent adequately cleaned enhances the efficiency and makes clothes to dry quickly.

Low energy bills:

Less efficiency and longer drying time can result in high energy bills. A build up in your dryer vent means not enough air reaching the dryer. Therefore, more energy is spent to dry clothes, and sometimes it takes multiple cycles to get the desired result. Hence one should always ensure to having a dryer vent cleaned to lower the energy cost.

A dryer lasts longer:

A dryer adequately cared for can have more longevity and better performance. The proper care can
reduce the repair cost and enhances efficiency and life-span of the system. A dryer that works harder
and longer to get laundry done is shortening its lifespan. An overworked dryer can have more wear and tear meaning more chances of breakdown and repair.

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