Ultimate Guide To Maintain Air Conditioner 2019-2020

Breakdown of an Air Conditioner costs you an unexpected expense, and the prolonged delay of repairing or replacing, make you to toss and turn in bed at night or to continuously struggle with sweat that seems glued to the skin and clothes. It is disgusting, and you surely don’t want that to happen as life without AC seems impossible.

However, like any other electronic equipment, an AC can also wear and tear with time and will develop a mess that can be sorted out! For the effective functioning of an air conditioner, it is imperative to give proper attention to its service needs and timely maintenance. 

Common Air conditioner problems:

AC maintenance is required to keep the system smooth and effective. We have outlined the most common issues that can occur anytime with an air conditioner.

AC blows Hot air:

An air conditioner blows hot air due to the following reasons:

Dirty Air filters:

The flow of air gets restricted when the debris, dirt, or any other contaminants begin accumulating on air filters. The system gets frozen. To solve the problem, shut the unit off and let it thaw for a few hours. If it does not help you out, you have to replace filters to get back the system on working mode or call an experienced HVAC technician to resolve the problem before it gets severe.

Low Refrigerant or refrigerant leaks:

We recommend neither refill refrigerant yourself nor overcharge it. These two approaches will adversely impact the performance of the air conditioner. It’s better to hire an HVAC professional who repairs the leak found and handle each problem as per the manufacturer’s specification.

Blocked Condensate Line: 

In case the air is unable to move freely through the drain line, it is more likely the condensate will not correctly drain from the unit – it makes water to build up around the evaporator coil that eventually freezes. This freezing acts like a stumbling-block that does not let the cool air out.

You can turn of the unit to melt the ice, if the problem persists, consider availing the service of HVAC professional.

Prominent and unusual notices:

Well, it’s all normal for AC to make noise, but when you sense some strange sounds, don’t ignore as they are the indication of the serious problems.

- Are you hearing a clanging noise? There is a loose part in the unit, or indoor blower needs balance

- A hissing sound is a sign of refrigerant leaking.

- A screeching noise indicates problems with a compressor or fan motor.

- A rattling sign indicates that something has stuck in the condenser unit.

AC Not Working - No air is coming out:

In case no air is coming out, the problem may lie on condensate line, air vents, outdoor unit, compressor or outdoor unit fan.

Final Words:

In order to survive the sweltering summers, the importance of fully functioning AC can’t be denied. Being proactive in taking care of the air conditioner helps to extend the life of the unit and saves bucks that otherwise go in repairing or replacing the unit.