Did you know that temperature can affect your sleep patterns and also health? How often do you wake up and can't sleep again in the summer afternoons or night because of insufficient cool air? Quite often! Sleeping in a sufficiently cold room can provide you with multiple benefits. The most immediate of which are;

- Proper sleep 
- Improved health and reduced metabolic diseases
- Reduced ageing effect 

What is meant by sufficiently cool? 

Well, the summer temperature recommended by health and HVAC experts is 60-degree Fahrenheit to 67-degree Fahrenheit which in Celsius is 15-19 degrees Celsius. Temperature below or above this can cause distress. So basically when we say sufficiently cool, it's between 60-67 degree Fahrenheit.

Impacts of temperature on sleep

  • How does cool indoor air temperature help with good sleep? 

A study conducted by BioMed Central concluded that the body is more likely to fall asleep when the body temperature decreases. It was also deducted from the study that deep sleep and long sleep is more often possible in a cool temperature compared within a moderate or warm temperature.
How often did you wake up after a wonderful deep sleep and realized that the room temperature was cool? It was the temperature's lullaby that helped with that wonderful sleep. 

  • How does low-temperature help with keeping metabolic diseases away? 

Check out This Study conducted by diabetes researchers. The study had multiple conclusions one of which was that sleeping in a room with 66-degree Fahrenheit temperature increases that amount of brown fat in the body. Brown fat is good fat because it stores fewer calories. With fewer calories stored, the problem of obesity and other metabolic diseases can be kept at par. 

  • How does low-temperature help with the effects of ageing? 

An article in Huffington Post by Naturopathic Doctor Natasha Turner explained that sleeping in cool temperature of below 70-degree Fahrenheit helps produce anti ageing hormones. Sleeping in a cold and dark room, according to the article, releases melatonin which drops the body temperature. A drop in body temperature further releases growth hormones and they help in anti ageing magic. 

How to stay cool, healthy and yet pay low energy bills?

Now that you know low indoor temperature can help you with amazing health and ageing benefits, you might want to keep your Air Conditioner on 24/7. But balance, they say, is the key to enjoying the most benefits of everything. In order for you to make the most out of these researches, it is important to;
- Get the Air Conditioner maintained regularly. Unmaintained systems lose efficiency and get their airflow compromised. So you might constantly run the system and still fail to receive the desired cooling from it. 

- Use a Programmable Thermostat.  Using a programmable thermostat will help determine the temperature for your sleeping hours and the system will automatically shift to that temperature at the programmed timings. This will ensure that you get the right temperature every time you are asleep and also that the system does not constantly run at that temperature. Using a programmable thermostat will automatically help reduce energy bills as the system will operate wisely. 

Have you experienced a deep wonderful sleep after sleeping in a cool room? 

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