When is Ductwork replacement a good idea?

The warm air comes from the Furnace but how does it reach every room in the house? We know that for this, the ductwork needs to be thanked. Ductwork is a series of lines that takes the warm air from the Furnace and disperses it via supply registers in different parts of the home. The Furnace needs repair when it gets damaged and replacement when it goes beyond usage but what about the ductwork? Does the ductwork need replacement as well? If yes, how often?

Ductwork Replacement - Things you need to know 

- Replace when it goes beyond repair

Just like the Furnace has a lifetime and cannot be repaired after that, the same is true for ductwork. There comes a time when, similar to the Furnace repair, the repair of the ductwork becomes costlier than replacing it. At such a time, it is wise to replace as early as possible. But there's an important thing to note here; although a rough lifetime is given by professionals, the lifetime of any appliance, as well as the ductwork, depends on how regularly it is maintained and how professionally repaired. The same unit for one homeowner may fail earlier than it will for a homeowner living next door for the above-mentioned reasons. So in order to know whether or not it is the time to replace, calculating the lifetime is not enough. Take instead, a professional's opinion about the replacement of a ductwork.

- Installing a new Furnace? Replace the ductwork as well 

HVAC investments are investments that are meant to benefit for years long. And these benefits continue to be comfortably benefiting when the appliance purchased is purchased after consulting a professional and the necessary HVAC changes are made along with that. Upgrading one appliance and using is with an outdated accessory does not prove to be a good choice at all. If you are upgrading Furnace this winter and the ductwork is a years-old ductwork, better replace it along with the Furnace. This replacement made at a time ensures optimal comfort.

- Redo a faulty ductwork 

There are chances that you had upgraded the Furnace last years and upgraded the ductwork along with it as well but the desired comfort is still found nowhere. One reason this happens is when the installed ductwork is not the right sizing, the right type or just that the technicians were incompetent to perform the installation properly. So if you have a little flexible budget this fall then better spend it on replacing the ductwork. A faulty or leaking ductwork can result in high energy bills, inappropriate air-flow or burdening the blower. So make the replacement well in time instead of wasting money like that.

Are you looking for a ductwork replacement? Did your old contractor not perform a job well done?
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Preventive Maintenance tips for Fall

Fall has already given a ''Hey there" signal. Now that the children have gone to school and there is relatively lesser workload, this is the best time to prepare your system to fall and consequently for winter. September is the time to make some major changes to your system and also to make some big HVAC decisions. So here's what you should be doing in September and early October.

Replacement - Does your system need it?  

Every year, many homeowners plan to replace their years old HVAC units but then the huge figure of a several thousand dollar expense comes in the way that makes them change their minds. The same scenario keeps on repeating. But did you know, this postponing can actually cost you in very dangerous figures? Using outdated appliances is one of the reasons behind the HVAC accidents that take place. And if that worst scenario does not take place, the rise in energy bills and compromised efficiency is a must faced consequence. So this fall, let the nightmares of expense be put aside and think seriously about whether your system needs a replacement. An average lifespan of a Furnace is 15-20 years. If your system has already completed 20 years and it's an old model that keeps on seeking repairs, yes! it does need to be replaced. But in case, you are unsure of replacement, consider taking a professional's help to decide whether this fall is the time for your Furnace to go away or not. But do it!

Must maintenance to do's 

And you know quite well what are the must maintenance to do's. Change the filters, thoroughly clean registers of supply and return vents and give a thorough cleaning to your Furnace unit as well if you have a previous experience of doing so else, call a professional for help. As said, September and October is the best time to get your system ready by sufficing for all its basic needs. One reason why this time is the best time is that later on, as the climate gets colder, the HVAC needs escalate and everyone starts to call professionals. In such a rush, it is difficult to get an appointment. So yes! Do it now!

Reset Thermostat and Refill CO detector 

Since the temperature needs change in autumn, you need to reset your Thermostat if it is a programmable thermostat with limited programming features. Even a Smart Thermostat needs to be reset so that it gets to know of your new routines and needs. Other than that, don't forget to change the batteries of your CO detector and in case you have not installed one already, get it installed as early as possible. HVAC fires are among the most reported HVAC accidents in winters and they occur mostly in the absence of the CO detector. So yes once again! Get it installed, Now!
Are you ready for winter? What Autumn HVAC to do's have you performed already? And hey! Do you have a CO detector installed?