AC Repair Guide for Homeowners

Although Air Conditioners are complex mechanical systems that have complex repairing needs too, you can always screw the minor AC repairs yourself which would save you money and restore the cooling right away. No matter how complicated the problem may seem, run through some basic AC troubleshooting before calling in a technician. Here are a few
  • Check the air conditioner’s power, check the indoors and outdoors switches and the breaker which powers the unit.
  • Check your Thermostat settings and adjust the temperature a few degrees below the room temperature.
  • Change your filter precisely, make sure it hasn’t collapsed into the air handler

There are two basic AC problems that may need repairing

System blowing hot Air

This is a common AC repair complaint which can have a simple fix. Although there are many different causes the most common ones include:

Thermostat improperly set
This happens when you accidentally bump into the Thermostat settings and the button changes from “cool” to “heat”. Or this may happen when you change the fan settings from “auto” to “on”. This makes the fan to blow air when the system isn’t running. You can always change the settings to previous ones and the hot air issue will resolve.

Restricted Airflow
This happens when your filter needs changing. Change filters however you may need to call a professional if it doesn’t help even after the changing of the filter.

Electric issues
It’s possible that the circuit breaker has been tripped, fused or blown. As a result, outside components may lose power and inside components may push out warm air. Fix the electrical connections.

Refrigerant leak
Refrigerant line joints connections become loose which causes a leak in the refrigerant. Manufacturer’s fault is also a reason. If the appliance is still on warranty make use of it to replace or repair the appliance under that else call a professional help.

Dirty Outside Unit
Sometimes the outside condenser unit gets covered in weeds, sticks, bushes and leaves etc. Get set and clean the unit from all such things that are hindering its proper performance.

Compressor problem will lead to the whole system to not work. Several things can go wrong with the compressor including electrical issues, overheating and refrigerant issues. You will need to call a professional help for this issue if you are not familiar with the minute details of compressors.

System ices over

If your air conditioner ices over, it will stop to operate properly. One of the most common issues is that the coils have iced over. As your air conditioner runs, condensation gathers on the coils and is frozen by the cold air circulating through them. To de-ice the AC, you’ll need the following:
Blow dryer
Air Filters

Follow the steps below to de-ice the AC

  • Turn off the AC from the breaker box of your house.
  • Turn off power switches.
  • Give your AC time to thaw out, allow at least one day or help it thaw out by the use of blow dryer on low heat setting
  • Check the unit to verify that coils have thawed out thoroughly.
  • Check pool water or condensation; if present, dry it out with a towel.
  • Turn the power back on at the breaker.
  • Turn on the AC: Use thermostat for this. Visually inspect to see that the fans are working properly.
  • Replace your air filter, this will improve the airflow from AC to your living areas.