As a rule of thumb, when it comes to taking the decision of repair vs replacement, it is imperative to never rely solely on your own analysis. Consulting an HVAC professional is what we suggest. However, the problem is, many times the HVAC service providers give wrong suggestions in order to make their own business. A replacement will benefit a company more than repair, they would, therefore, try to convince the potential customer to replace their Air Conditioner instead of repairing. The case is of course not always the same. There are several reliable HVAC service provider companies in GTA whose suggestion you can trust. An easy way to make sure that your decision to choose between repair/replacement is the right decision, try to consult two to three different professionals and then decide what to do. But there may be the cases with you when you're unable to find good HVAC professionals or they charge too much for diagnosis, here are a few factors, analyzing which you can decide yourself whether you should choose repair or replacement.


Age Matters

Oh yes! Agr matters. The simplest way to make a random guess for replacement is by calculating the age of your Air Conditioner. You should be aware what is the usual lifespan of the model you're using. If the Air Conditioner has already completed its lifespan, you should understand that now dragging it more will only cost you high energy bills, noise and most probably a sudden breakdown. Go for Replacement

Repair History

There goes something real wrong with AC's sometimes. They'll seek repair and will continue to seek repair every season. Sometimes twice or more in a season. This is not only costly but also affects the efficiency of your Air Conditioner. So, despite the age of the AC, analyze the repair history. If there are regular repairs, better go for a new AC installation. It will cost once but will save from costly repairs for a long run. Go for replacement again.

What do Energy Bills say?

One of the signs of repair/replacement is the increase in energy bills. Take out the energy bills of past few months and see if there's a sudden rise in bills. The problem that causes the rise in energy bills could possibly be solved through repairs. Go for a repair and see if the AC regains the older efficiency. If it doesn't and the AC is already old, choose to replace instead of wasting several hundred dollars on fatty bills.

If you're between sixes and sevens about the replacement/repair of your Air Conditioner, these three points will assist in taking a right decision. But as said earlier that it's good to seek a professional's suggestion too. Your AC can probably run for a few more years and replacement could probably be a wrong decision that you'd mistakenly take. Spend a few dollars, schedule a visit with an HVAC professional and then see whether you'll enjoy the cool breeze from a new AC this summer or from the same old and gold one.

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