With the arrival of winter, cold breeze begins and homeowners start preparing themselves for winter by getting ready the home heating essentials. While some have Space Heaters as their favourites, other prefer Fireplaces and yet some other instead of any other home heating element prioritize Furnaces. If you are one such homeowner who is in love with Furnace and the warmth it gives, this blog is for you.

Homeowners often find it difficult to choose between Furnaces; Electric vs Gas Furnace. Depending on the needs, the suitability varies. And here's what you need to learn about the VS game between gas and electric water heaters while keeping the factors of affordability, quality, durability and eco-friendliness in mind.

Which one is cheap to install, cheap to run?

It has generally been estimated that Electric Furnace is cheaper than that of gas to install. However, the fuel cost is higher in electric as compared to that of gas. But in areas where gas is not available people usually prefer electric furnaces. Similarly, those who have a tight budget also go for electric furnace rather than gas. Though it can raise electricity bills, people still prefer it because electricity is available most of the times unlike gas since gas outage is common in winters. So the cheap to install and cheap to run package is offered by none of the Furnace types. While one is cheap to install, the other is cheap to operate.

Which one is durable? 

Apart from cost-effectiveness, if durability is compared between the two furnaces, it is observed that electric furnace is more durable. They live longer as compared to the gas furnace. It is seen that electric furnace stays for 20-30 years; however, gas furnace stays for 10-20 years. If the monthly operational cost can easily be afforded, Electric Furnaces is a good option to consider keeping their durability under consideration.

Which one is more environment-friendly? 

The electric furnaces are more eco-friendly because they do not emit toxic emissions which can be lethal for human health and because they do not involve a risk of gas leakage. This makes them both safe for the indoor as well as the outdoor environment. In the case of Gas Furnaces, there's always a looming threat of CO poisoning which could lead to devastating effects. Electric Furnaces offer a safer option to avoid such risks while also keeping the planet green.

What to choose now?

As said above, depending on the needs and availability of the fuel, the suitability varies from home to home. While for some people, Electric Furnaces offer what they need for winter warmth, for others, Gas Furnaces are their first and last love and are the ones that they find both reliable and economical. However, giving a general judgement and the HVAC trends, Electric Furnaces seem to be a better option. And that is because;
- They are available are cheap rates
- They can easily be used in the case of the gas outage which is a common scenario in winters
- They are relatively durable
So, what do you say? Would you continue with Gas Furnace or have plans to switch to an Electric unit?

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