So you know who is the pioneer of modern Air Conditioning and also about the latest model of Air Conditioners? You also know what are the rates of Central and Ductless Air Conditioners these days. You are pretty cool with Air Conditioning information but there's always something more to learn. And today, you'll learn a few more things about Air Conditioning. Call them facts for your ease.

- Air Conditioners don't create coolness, they just expel heat

So you have been thinking that the Air Conditioners create cool air and the cool air enters your home to cool the rest of the air? This process when repeated, leaves your home perfectly conditioned, right? Well, you have been thinking like many other people do. Air Conditioners don't really create cold. What they do is that they incorporate a mechanism that takes away the warmth from the air that it sucks from the indoor. Just like darkness is not anything in itself, it is just the absence of light. Coldness is nothing but the absence of heat. So when the heat from the air is expelled and dumped outside, what is left is cool air.
So, your Air Conditioner has never been creating cool blows of air for you, it has only been expelling heat from your indoor air.

- Air Filters don't just clean the air

The purpose of air filters is not merely to clean the air, they, in fact, help protect the ductwork and the air handler from particulates that are deemed harmful. So a blockage is created in the form of air filters. And good air filters also help combat allergens and pollens. But before you put too much responsibility on air filters, know that they need to be cleaned/replaced regularly in order to function properly, else they add to the HVAC worries of homeowners by affecting the airflow.

- Your Air Conditioner also dehumidifies

Did you know that Air Conditioners also dehumidify the indoor air as they cool it? Although some homes with peculiar needs need to install separate dehumidifiers, most homes can get sufficient dehumidification only through the Air Conditioners but there's one important point to learn here;
In order for the Air Conditioner to perform dehumidification properly, keep the AC fan setting on ''AUTO'' instead of ''ON''. The benefit of doing this is that the fan shuts off as the indoor warm air goes out and condenses. The vapours drip into the drain pan and the air does not return toward the indoor with all the moisture with it.

- Regular maintenance is a must

You might be in the similar thought that many homeowners are; annual maintenance is enough and that Air Conditioner should be serviced every year before it is put into use and that's it! That is not it! Other than the professional annual maintenance, regular DIY maintenance is a must in order to enjoy the optimal efficiency of the Air Conditioner unit. DIY maintenance includes changing filters as frequently as they get dirty, keeping pets, insects away from the condenser unit, check out for unusual changes in efficiency and operation. All of these together can make your Air Conditioner operate with full efficiency.

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