We always emphasize on the importance of HVAC maintenance and one major reason of that emphasize is to make sure homeowners receive a risk-free heating and cooling? And what do we mean by risk-free? Well, appliances that are not maintained regularly as well as not used in the proper ways become a serious health and security risk. This danger is general but this is especially dangerous when such negligences are taken in the healthcare sector; hospitals, clinics etc. Let us discuss what dangers need to be coped in the healthcare HVAC.

High humidity and its impact on patients

We know that there is a particular level of humidity that is desirable. Anything above or down it is not suitable for health. Some researchers also draw a connection between high humidity and high chances of cancer. While high humidity affects all, it especially affects people with respiratory tracts issues. And generally, a high level of humidity becomes a severe risk for not only the patients but also those that work there or come to see patients since high humidity promotes the spread of bacteria.

Temperature fluctuation and its impact on people

It is incumbent on health care facilities to maintain a desirable as well as healthy temperature. It is for this reason that people planning to open a health facility should seriously think about their place's HVAC needs and the choices they'll make. And then, not the entire place requires the same temperature. Burn victims are in need of high humidity and a warm temperature while people with heart issues seek warm temperature with normal humidity and those with brain injuries and fever need to have cool temperatures. So these variations need to be maintained in the healthcare facility according to the particular needs of the patients. Ignoring these HVAC cares may result in sanctions and cancellation of certification.

Taking care of the healthcare HVAC systems

Just like residential HVAC systems, the healthcare HVAC also requires regular maintenance and in time repair. While some people running such facilities are regular, some other may be totally headless and the consequences of that have already been mentioned above. In order to maintain a healthy healthcare HVAC, the following practices should be followed;

- It is crucial to clean filters too often as the systems at such facilities run almost constantly

- Thoroughly clean the Air Cleaner units

- Give the HVAC system a thorough inspection and maintenance by a professional service at least annually

- Install efficient Thermostats that help maintain precise temperatures. Also, fix the Thermostat issues on an urgent basis

- Don't let water accumulate near the outdoor units. The mosquitoes (especially the ones that originate in clean water), once they are produced in water, will find their way into the inside of the healthcare facility which is once again harmful to all and especially for those already sick

Care needs to be taken whether it's a residential HVAC or a commercial HVAC. But maintaining a very appropriate HVAC system and indoor environment at the healthcare facilities is no doubt crucial for the better of the patients and for the good of those that own it.

If you own one such facility and have a hard time maintaining the HVAC system or the temperature and humidity, consult an HVAC professional today and fix the issues as early as you can. After all, your patients are at your facility to go back healed, and not to go back even sicker.

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