Finally, after a long and tireless operational season, it's the time for your Furnace to get some rest. Spring has already begun and Summer is just coming. While in many GTA areas, the weather is still cold enough requiring Furnace, many others have already turned their Furnace system off until the next season. But before you turn on your Air Conditioner by randomly turning the Furnace system off some day, this blog is a must read for you to learn how to properly set your home heating system for hibernation.

Follow these steps before turning your Furnace off until next season

- Cleaning around the unit 

As Furnace is an indoor unit and is usually installed in the basement, many people keep the surroundings of the unit piled with all the possible junk. Although this is usually not done when the system is operational, it is surely done by more than half of homeowners when the unit is not in use; in summers. Keeping the surrounding of the unit conjested creates a suitable space for insects and animals to hide. Also, placing any items on the top of the Furnace can damage its parts or the pipeline which could turn out to be of real danger. So before you shut it off, clean the surroundings and keep them clean whether or not the system is in use.

- Change filter before power off

Cleaning of the filters during the use is understandable but why clean them when the system is put to rest? Well, doing so helps protect the unit from the consequences of dust and debris. And as you turn the system on the next winter, it will be relatively cleaner making things easier for you.

- DIY or professional inspection 

Your unit could be facing a very serious problem and you, not knowing about it may turn it off without resolving it. This will for sure aggravate the problem when the system would remain off for a long period. Therefore, it is necessitated to perform a thorough inspection. If you think you are good enough at inspecting the Furnace yourself, do a DIY else better call a professional for a brief checkup to make sure the Furnace is not having any serious issues.

- Checking CO detector 

CO leak is not a winter only phenomenon. The gas can leak from the pipes even in summers as a result of a damage, corrosion or any other reason. If you don't have a CO detector installed, install one. While we are relatively careful about leaks in winters, this careful attitude is not followed in summers so there's more danger. If you have one such device already installed, check batteries to make sure the device is properly functional.

Why professional inspection could be safe and beneficial 

Calling a professional tech to ready your Furnace for hibernation mode could be beneficial in many regards. For example;
- A professional checks for leaks and damages both in Furnace, it's pipes and ductwork
- A professional makes sure all electrical connection are alright and also protects them from prospect summer damages
- A professional performs a thorough inspection reaching out to parts where you can't and also lubricates the parts which keep the unit super functional for next season

You might be too good at  HVAC things but an HVAC professional remains an HVAC professional doing something extra and better than you. So before saying goodbye to your Furnace until next winter, give it a gift; a professional maintenance.

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