HVAC appliances are huge investments that we make. They are the appliances that are meant to suffice for our indoor heating & cooling comfort for years to come. Therefore it is wise to purchase appliances that are not only economical but are also durable and reliable. The unwise of all homeowners, however, are those that purchase costly appliances that too after extensive research and consultation but forget to maintain them. No wonder why homeowners complain about sudden appliance failures and when asked about how frequently they have been performing maintenance, they've no proper record primarily because no regular maintenance has ever been done. Maintenance is important for all types of appliances be they HVAC or any other but it is of prime importance for appliances like Furnace that are meant to operate for an entire season. Until and unless a proper and regular maintenance is performed, there is no way your Furnace will ever complete its lifespan. It is, in the given case, more expected to break down anytime with a few or no prior clues. So maintenance is important! Never doubt that. Here are more reasons why maintenance is important;

Boost efficiency - Perform maintenance!
To keep it simple, understand it like this; over time, the Furnace gets tired and dirty and needs to be cleaned thoroughly so that it could get a fresh start. This is what it gets through maintenance. As the maintenance is performed, the overall falling graph of unit's efficiency begins to rise again.  

Avoid serious repairs - Perform maintenance!
A regular maintenance reduces the possibilities for the Furnace to fall into the ditch of serious repairs from where hardly any Furnace comes back. That is because when a serious repair is needed, it needs a professional and the unit is often required to be opened. When that happens, only rarely the unit gets back into its actual position with the same efficiency. Another matter of worry is the dishonesty of the repairing professionals who intentionally leave loopholes in the unit when they're in the authority to do so. That is so that you could keep calling them and they could keep making money out of your Furnace unit.

Diagnose in time - Perform maintenance!
Did you know that you can save yourself from costly repairs by diagnosing the potential threats in time? That is only possible when a regular maintenance is performed and you peek into the unit every now and then. This can not only help you diagnose potential repair needs in time, it can also save you from the dangers those repairs could cause as in case of gas leakage, electrical issues etc.

Increase lifetime! - Perform maintenance!
As said above, regular maintenance increases the lifetime of the Furnace. Is it not just a lip service, it is indeed true and there are homeowners in Toronto that can verify the truth of it. People who keep their Furnaces maintained enjoy them for years longer than those who do not. Their units often times, successfully cross the lifetime limit and continue to operate with excellent efficiency.
There are convincing reasons why it is important to perform Furnace Maintenance. The next time somebody argues Furnace maintenance isn’t much important, tell him this.

While a DIY maintenance is a thing you are expected to do on a regular a basis, a professional maintenance is something you should consider at least annually. Professional tune-ups add further to the efficiency of the Furnace unit.

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