Is your Furnace giving you a hard time? Are you tired of trying all those ways you could and it still continues to pose issues every now and then? There are many homeowners that go into a panicking situation when their costly appliances begin to show issues and particularly the ones that aren’t yet too old. There are some common troubleshooting tips that we want you to learn so that you could either diagnose your appliance well in time or repair it before it is too late.
What to do when Furnace completely stops working?
This would happen to you at least once in a lifetime. Ooo not your lifetime, in the lifetime of the Furnace dude! And when that happens, below are the factors you need to take into consideration.  
  • Have you paid the bills?
This question could be asked if you have had a brownout or blackout. Even a brownout may mean the unit shuts down due to lack of power necessitating a restart to bring it back. A brown-out may cause a short circuit or short cycling in the wires. Check this!
  • Is the furnace wired correctly?
The second check you need to make is this. Correct wiring is vital for the proper functioning of an Electrical Furnace. If your wiring is not in order, it may cause the furnace to either turn off frequently causing you a higher bill or won't turn on at all. If you've no idea how to check whether or not the wiring is proper, call a professional.
  • Check if the fuse is not blown out.
A blown out fuse won't let the furnace to work as it is the connection between the main electricity and furnace wiring. So if the fuse is a blowout, the furnace can seem to blow out too!

What to do when the furnace keeps turning off?
There must be some issue with the fan or thermostat. A dirty filter can cause a blockage in front of the fan to an extent where it does not cool down the system working thus increasing the temperature and turns off.
  • Check the air filter!
      No matter what type of furnace you have, if it can’t breathe it can’t run! The air filter would be pretty dirty and greasy to have that smooth breathing take place, however, the same problem occurs if the furnace blower doesn’t work to distribute the hot air. For most furnaces, the inducer motor starts up before it ignites and the blower motor engages once the air is hot enough to distribute. The furnace will shut down if the limit switches and pressure decreases. The furnace won’t work if the inducer motor that has to supply air doesn’t work.
  • Check the thermostat!
Your furnace may not work properly if it is placed near a heat source such as direct sunlight or any warm source. It will turn off HVAC appliances early when it would sense the temperature rise. You can check this issue by yourself by relocating the Thermostat or if it is creating multiple problems, you may take it for a repair. Lastly, if your furnace is too big for your house it can also shut off quickly because after warming your house in a shorter time it will turn off shortly.

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