Happy Autumn everyone!
We have just started the Fall venture for the year 2017 since the Autumn season has officially begun on 22nd September. Now that all your preferences and priorities would be towards the home heating solutions and Winter preparations, there's something else that we want you to consider. And that is; Replacing your old HVAC system. This suggestion might sound inconvenient at first but there are compelling reasons why you should consider doing so. If your HVAC system had given you a hard time lately in the Summer or there are necessary repairs that you know needs to be made, the possibility of a needing replacement is always there. Fall is the best time for replacement and it is also the best time to call a pro and have the system properly inspected so as to diagnose in time if the system needs a replacement. Here are 5 reasons why you should take HVAC system replacement seriously:

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Replacement in Fall saves you from falling -  O yeah!
You read it right. Replacement in the Fall season protects you from falling. From falling into the traps of untrustworthy retailers and installers. The logic behind is; you've a fairly enough time in the wake of Fall to make research and look for all the available models in the market while you also have sufficient time to reach out to different retailers and installers and compare rates. In addition to that, in the middle of the heating and cooling season, the installers and the HVAC technicians are relatively free and thus give quality time to you and your HVAC system. So yes, replacing in Fall saves you from falling.

The opportunity of ''get what you want'' is there in Fall
And yes, there's yet another convincing reason for choosing Fall for the replacement of the old HVAC system. What was the last time you had your HVAC system installed? Must be a decade or more. Since then, a lot has changed. While the exposure of homeowners towards the HVAC technologies is less, they usually do not get to know of the latest models available. But with a decision to replace in Fall, you not only have the time to choose the best retailers and contractors, you also have time to get what you want. To make sure all your home's requirements are satisfied with the system you purchase. You can decide to have the system setup on oil or gas, decide the model that suits, the type of filters to choose and much more. See? There are convincing reasons to go for replacement in Fall.  

Heat Pump sucks!
If you're living in an extremely cold climate and it's your first time to spend Winters with a Heat Pump, let us inform you that you might not be spending comfortable Winters and that is because Heat Pumps do help in Summers but often fail to serve as expected in Winters and the heating needs are then fulfilled using additional heaters.
If you've had a hard time with your Heat Pump in Summers, it is probably the best time to have the system inspected and if it is old enough, replace it. In addition to that, if you also have a Residential Furnace that you only use sideways, better to have it inspected as well. Since replacing both the systems at the same time is difficult in financial terms, better focus on the Furnace and replace it so that when the Heat Pump fails to warm you, Furnace could help.   
Change the system for the changes you've made
If you've had a home renovation lately and improved the doors and windows, renewed the insulation or upgraded some other parts that can contribute to heating and cooling the home better, the HVAC requirements for your home have now most probably changed. An HVAC professional can let you know what you need now after inspecting the system and the home in general. So if you've had the renovations and the system had already been in a need of replacement, Fall is the best time to do so. Go on!

High Efficiency - Low energy bills

Had a hard Winter with hefty energy bills? Don't let this happen this Fall. Replacing older system with newer and better system gives the benefit of saving on energy bills. The initial cost of these appliances are nonetheless high but the advantages they provide in long term cannot be neglected. So if you're tired of high energy bills, replace the system with a high-efficiency model before the Winter comes. Because we just told why Fall is the best time to change your HVAC system.  

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