For certain things, no compromise should be made. One such thing is Indoor Air Quality. According to a research, homeowners spend more than 80% of their life in the indoors. And there are several types of researches that prove bad indoor air quality the primary cause of numerous health problems. Certainly, neither you nor any other Toronto homeowner wants to have a bad indoor air quality but the question of concern is; how to provide for yourself a healthy indoor air in these times of escalated air pollution? (The solutions should be both affordable and effective, please!)
Alright, so here we go! Let us explore what are some wonderful ways other than using Air Cleaners to improve the indoor air quality without breaking your bank.

Improve indoor air quality

- Go Green - The natural Air Cleaner

Yup! Green's going to make every single breath of yours as fresh as you could imagine. Plants not only work as natural air cleaner they also give your home a cooling effect. Keeping plants in the indoors is the most effective and convenient way of breathing fresh and healthy. However, it should be noted that not every plant is suitable for everybody. Some people are allergic to certain types. It is, therefore, recommended that before keeping plants at home, it should be made sure you'd enjoy a good company with them.     

- Smoking? Outdoors, please!

While most people ignore this fact, the truth is; smoking does not only kill the smoker, it slowly poisons the ones around the smoker too. So whether you're a father, mother or any other elderly one, realise the hazardous effects of the smoke clouds that you blow in the indoors. All those people that live in the house get affected by one smoker. Doing smoking or not is your personal choice, however, you should certainly not, as part of ethics, affect the lives of others through that. Improve the indoor quality, smoke outside!

- Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A lot of homeowners suffer bad indoor quality primarily because of lack of regular cleaning. The dust and debris remain stuck in the air and keeps going into the lungs. For a lot of people, the only thing they need to do to improve their home's indoor air quality is they should begin to clean. Different homes have different needs. Depending on where you home is situated, what kind of architecture it has and what types of activities are performed in the indoors, the need of cleaning would be different. It is you yourself who can better decide how often does your home need cleaning. At least once a day is suggested for all homes.

- Make use of exhaust fans

All homes have exhaust fans to spill the unpleasant air out but not all people make the right and in time use of the exhaust fans. While the food is being cooked, CFC products are used, smoking is being done or anything else that affects the indoor quality, turn on the exhaust fans right away so that the air moves out quickly and does not remain circulating in the indoors.

- Natural Ventilation     

If your home has windows, you can enjoy the benefit of natural ventilation. Ventilation is a process of continuously exchanging fresh air with the rough indoor air. When windows and doors are opened in the early morning time, the fresh air circulates and this is in itself a simple way of improving the indoor air quality. In a tightly packed home, it is hard to maintain good air quality since the stale air does not find the way out. A Heat Recovery Ventilation HRV system can be used in this case though it requires a sufficient amount of investment.   

The last resort - Air Cleaner

Since we promised we won't be suggesting anything non-affordable, we've tried to suggest all those things that can improve your indoor air quality without costing you beyond you could afford. But the truth is; some people feel nothing can clean their home as effectively as Air Cleaners too. For such people, our recommendation to improve indoor air quality is Lennox Carbon Clean 16 Air Cleaner.

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