They say; ''Your Air Conditioner will stop working on the hottest Summer day''. Ah! how cruel of them to make such a statement. But in real, it seems that the same happens. Recall the last time you had an Air Conditioner breakdown, what time of the season it was? Most probably, a hot Summer day. Well, even though the bad wishes of someone may not come true for us, accidents are nonetheless accidents. They don't ask before taking place. So it is sane to equip yourself with some AC troubleshooting to use them in the hour of need. Ready Steady, Go!


Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

No Air Movement

You must have experienced this problem at some point in life with your Air Conditioner when no air seems to move through the home. While the Air Conditioner itself is responsible for cooling the air, the fan circulates it and air handler moves it through the house. So when there's no air movement and the Air Conditioner seems on, check the fan if it is also operational. As a second resort, check the air handler to see if there's some problem with the air handler. Until a technician comes, at least make sure what problem is your Air Conditioner going through. You'd need to check for a tripped breaker if the unit doesn't seem to work at all.

No Air Cooling

Problem#1 talks about when there's no air movement at all. Here's problem#2, i.e when the air is felt circulating but is not getting cooled. What did we learn a little while ago? That, the Air Conditioner Evaporator is responsible for cooling. When the air is not getting conditioned, the possibilities are here under:
The evaporator coil could be accumulated with dust and debris making the process of heat exchange less efficient. Clean the evaporator coil. Also, check the inside as well as the outside unit to make sure they're operational. Don't forget to check the Thermostat to make sure it is set at the desired temperature.
Did it solve your problem?
Yes? Great!
No? Wait for the technician to come.

Overflowing Drain Pan

The drain pan is supposed to have water in it that builds due to condensation but remember that a little presence and an overflowing condition are different and hopefully, you're wise enough to differentiate between them. When the water starts overflowing in the drain pan, it shows that the drain lines are having some kind of blockage. Clear the lines and along with that, check also the electric pump that takes the water from the drain pan to drain line.

Constantly Running System

One of the most common issues faced by the homeowners, i.e system running continuously. When this happens, there are more than 80% possibilities that it is due to the wrong Thermostat settings or Thermostat malfunctioning. Quickly reset the Thermostat and wait to see if the problem persists. If it does, oh! The technician is on his way to your home. Please wait!

Bottom Line

Professionals are professionals, there's no denying the fact. But there are times when you have to help yourself by yourself either because a professional help cannot be afforded or cannot be sought right away due to one reason or the other. Therefore, it is good, in fact, important to learn some troubleshooting for your home comfort heating and cooling appliances. Hope our troubleshooting tips helped you out.


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