Ownership is such a great feeling. What a relief it is to realise that something belongs solely to you. No rent, no extra precautions, no worries or fine etc. Living in an expensive country like Canada and primarily in the Toronto, having the ownership of all home appliances is not easy. It is for this reason that the dealers offer appliances on rent, appliances on monthly installment and on loan. There are not too many people who manage to spend on home comfort heating and cooling appliances easily but if you're among the fortunate ones who do, you probably need to breathe deep for a while and feel super blessed if you own all your home comfort heating and cooling appliances with a one-time payment.

So, taken a deep breath? Now come to the point of importance. Actually, it is not about being able to spend, it is rather about spending where it actually benefits. While you purchase your favourite home comfort heating and cooling appliances, there comes a time when they need repair. Or else, a regular maintenance and tune-up, of course, remains the part of appliance keeping. The question is:
How certain are you that the technician who serviced your appliance performed all the necessary steps?

We can say with certainty that more than half of the Canadians are never sure whether or not the technician they paid for servicing their appliance performed the necessary maintenance steps or not. Let's resolve the problem. Here's a disclosure of what a technician on a maintenance visit is supposed to do. For now, we're highlighting the Furnace Maintenance. Stay tuned to our to our blog as we'll be providing you with more hacks.

7 ''to do's'' a professional technician will certainly do when performing a maintenance check of your home Furnace


1. Danger-Danger, CO Leaks

With a gas Furnace at home, never forget that your technician on a maintenance visit is supposed to check your Furnace for CO leaks. If he doesn't tell you that you're breathing safe air or doesn't have any idea whether or not there are leaks, bid him a goodbye as soon as possible and call a professional because.....he's just another guy hired or may be a hoax.

2. Clogged chimneys

When your chimneys or vents get enough clogged with dust and debris, they begin to throw back the residual gases back into your home in annoyance. So don't overly annoy them. For that, when a professional comes to check your Furnace, see whether or not he gives a quick look (and of course quick cleaning) to the chimneys and vents.

3. Air Filter cleaning/replacement

Replacement of Furnace filters and duct filters is a must. Since you're not doing a maintenance on your own and have paid the technician for a complete maintenance check, let him do his job completely.

4. Checking Thermostats:

Did you know that sometimes the reason of a sudden breakdown of an appliance is not the appliance, in fact, the faulty thermostat? As the thermostat directly affects the operational activities of a heating and cooling appliance, thermostats need to be checked carefully to make sure they're performing the right function.

5. Cleaning Pilots

Coming to the inside of a Furnace, cleaning of the pilots is also a major maintenance check task a professional is supposed to do. Your Furnace pilot might be all okay if you are good at appliance keeping so your HVAC service provider will not have to do the cleaning but make sure he checks the pilot at least.

6. Analysing Motors and Fans

Your motor is important and so is your fan. Very important in fact! Who will blow the heated and treated air if there's no fan? And, on the first hand, how will your Furnace function without a motor? So, be sure, these two components are not left when having a maintenance check of your Furnace from a technician.

7. Cleaning burners and checking pipelines:

No burner, no heat. No heat no comfort. The burner is basically a must check on a maintenance check visit since its inappropriate functioning can turn everything upside down. Also, giving a proper check to the gas pipelines is extremely important and is, therefore, a highlighted 'to do' on the maintenance checklist of a pro.

Final Note
Not sure if you get tired of all those long details or found them useful for yourself. We're glad if you benefitted from the said. Next time when a technician comes for a maintenance visit, you'll know what to expect from him and how to make sure he's doing the right maintenance.

Till next time. Cya!

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